Have you heard about the NSW café (seven mile beach kiosk) that rewards its customers who show a little bit of manners? Click here.

  • $5.00 if you ask for “a coffee”
  • $4.50 if you ask for “a coffee please”
  • $4.00 if you say “good morning, a coffee please”

What a brilliant surprise this would be for any customer passing by and what an enormous impact it has had on the business, generating over 38,000 likes on social media giving them the greatest marketing reach they could of ever wished for.

Creating surprise for customers requires very little thought yet can be very effective.

I’m talking about creating a reality that is different to what you were expecting—good different. That warm, fuzzy feeling that comes over you when someone goes out of their way to give you something above and beyond what you were willing to pay for.

3 tips when thinking of ways to surprise your customers:

  1. It’s important not to go too far – always maintain a commercial focus. Heavily discounted items and giving something for FREE is not always the way to go.
  2. Surprise is exactly that. It can’t be there consistently and form part of the norm. For customers to be surprised your ideas need to change and be flexible, new and fresh, otherwise it wont be a surprise after some time.
  3. Keep it real simple. Look at the pathway to purchase in your business from a customers point of view and see where opportunities are that take very little effort yet convert satisfied customers to inspired customers.

This good different surprise leaves a lasting impression and furthermore gives customers something positive and unique to share with others when talking about their experience.

So let the creative juices flow and good luck coming up with some quirks that surprise and delight your customers.