There’s a great desire to have the staff that work in your business perform at their best and make the most of every customer interaction.

The reality is we don’t live in a perfect world (far from it) and there are employees in our business that do not follow operational procedures consistently and do not connect with the customer let alone inspire them.

The easy fix would be to rewire the minds of your employees that resulted in them following procedures consistently and delivering exceptional customer inspiration.

Easier said than done! Rewiring an employee is not an overnight fix.

Like any training of a new discipline, habit or ritual you need to continue to practice the difficult things (the uncommon, uncomfortable, unfamiliar) to become masterful at doing difficult things.

Did you know it has been proven from various pieces of research that if you do anything for 66 days in a row you’ll get to a point of automaticity!

If you have a desire to change the way some of your business is performing your ultimately seeking a new automaticity from the employees within your business.

Rewiring your employee’s takes will power and persistence from a business.  Like a muscle, the more flex you give it the more you wire it in as a new habit.

Implementing new procedures and asking employees to create new habits with their customer interaction may feel difficult at first. It can feel like climbing a steep mountain with no safety ropes, knowing with one incorrect foot placement you could fall back to the start within seconds.


  • Start climbing that mountain one foot at a time.
  • Train for at least 66 days.
  • Watch the results start to stick and become new habits.
  • Why wait till after the busy period? Start practicing to be masterful today.