When you think about ALL the potential moments of truth your customers have to form an impression of your business or brand I bet many of us neglect to think of the toilets or in this week’s newsletter, the urinals?

Ok let’s get the fun part out of the way first…

Several airports (JFK, Schiphol) and now even some stadiums in the US have etched a household fly in the men’s urinal to give them something to aim at (this is old news so forgive me if you already know this). This creative and very cost effective solution has saved these precincts and airport terminals thousands of dollars a week on cleaning costs. According to science, men like a target to aim at – go figure! Enough said!

This moment of truth (albeit a very personal one) certainly would leave an impression with a customer (a great talking point and point of difference) and would also leave an impression on the customer regarding the consistent cleanliness of the urinals.

Our solutions for creating a better experience for the customer are a lot easier than we think sometimes. If we simply walk in the shoes of a customer for a day, do the activities they do, see what they see, hear what they hear, smell and taste what they smell and taste we will notice some quick wins that you can implement immediately without it costing a bomb!

My 3 tips for understanding your moments of truth in your business:

  1. Walk the customers pathway to purchase and make a note of every interaction that forms an impression for you along the way (if you have a a business that sells products and services and you have less than 50 moments of truth you need to look further… there’s more than you think!
  2. Conduct an internal mystery shop. Even if it’s not a formal part of your business measurements, either set up someone you trust or an internal employee that will not be known to staff, provide them with a criteria and shop away.
  3. Experience being a customer at one of your competitor’s stores and make a note of the moments of truth. See what you learn in terms of what to do and not to do that forms positive impressions for you as a customer.

So if you want to know more about the urinal fly, check out link below – there is a 20 sec video too!!  All those ladies out there that are forever cleaning up after the men in their homes – perhaps there is a domestic one on the market?

Go and Inspire!