Last week I presented at an event and I was asked by a member of the audience how do we motivate Gen Y to deliver better customer service?
It was a great question and a common one for employers when the majority of their workforce are Gen Y’s. It would appear there is a concern about the attitude and approach Gen Y’s have towards customer service and therefore got me thinking about what methods we need to apply if we want ‘them’ to deliver nothing shy of great customer experiences?
Personally I think one of the no brainers with Gen Y and making them want to deliver customer experiences is to explain WHY!
So let’s think about what motivates the Gen Y’s particularly in an era where it’s all about ‘me, mine and more’.
They are use to getting;

  • what they want
  • whenever they want
  • quicker than ever before

If you have customer service expectations that you want Gen Y employees to buy into then I suggest the following tips:

  1. Make it all about them – eg. why it will make their job easier if they create loyal customers.
  2. Incentivize them and reward them – linked back to creating great customer experiences. They have grown up in an era of trophies, certificates and labels so get creative.
  3. Make it sexy, fun and interesting. If you have standards in place get creative with how you train these standards and reinforce the standards. Most Gen Y’s will respect their peers more than their elders/leaders so put in place learning and coaching strategies that is enforced and led by their peers.

Finally, let’s not be too general. Some Gen Y’s may know the cost of customer loyalty more than we give them credit for. Gen Y’ers understand the critical factor of building a business relationship and the impact it may have from one tweet, facebook message or instagram pic from a dissatisfied customer!
Maybe we should ask Gen Y’ers what they think about Customer Experience and how they like to be served… after all they are the future.
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