How much of your day is spent with people?

Regardless of your titles and financial responsibilities there is a good chance that most of us that read this weeks blog all have one thing in common, we all manage staff.

If I had a magic wand to give to my clients it would be the wand to make their front line staff engaged and deliver great customer experiences! To hypnotize all staff to truly believe that the customers experience is the reason why you do everything!

I remember in the old days when I was a trainee at Macca’s and we were taught the concept of secondary duties. Secondary duties being any task that was not customer facing. In other words all customer facing tasks or duties were priority and was the reason why we did everything.

So today I want to reintroduce a term that many of you have probably heard and might be the tip of the magic wand that assists you in getting your staff to make customers a priority.

The fabulous Jan Calzon ( former CEO of Scandanavian Airines) and author of the book “ Moments of Truth”. He educated businesses to understand the many gold links in your chain of the pathway to purchase that your customer takes and the impressions or defining moments along the way.
A moment of truth is like a diver that vanishes at one end of the chain and comes up at the other end, guided by invisible links.

When Jan Calzon was at Scandanavian Airlines he discovered more than 300 moments of truth ( gold links in the chain) that his customers were experiencing and over time the business got really good at understanding how they could make a difference at each defining moment.

I think about moments of truth as just another very important piece of your business that you need to know intimately. Its like the responsibility and ownership we take on ourselves when we get in a car and go from destination A to B.  Most of us wouldn’t just aimlessly drive these days. We would be acutely aware of traffic lights, potential congestion areas, clearways and speed limits – we just would, subconsciously we would.

Do you know your invisible links that exist for your customers from the beginning of their journey through to the end?
I’ll leave you with two fabulous quotes. (Both by my friend Robin Sharma, both too good not to include in this blog)

Thought 1:
“Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes results” – if you wanted to start somewhere with exploring the customer journey, the pathway to purchase in your business, start by mapping out your moments of truth.
Remember each time a customer can make an impression of your business you have an opportunity to create a defining moment for the customer.
In defining your moments of truth treat it like a treasure hunt, involve the front line staff , send them out on the floor and walk the shoes of your customers.

Thought 2:
“What gets measured gets improved”  – once you have defined your businesses moments of truth how can you measure your performance at each moment? How can you measure the experience for the customer each time they come in contact with you?

I’d love to hear how many moments of truth your business has?

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