Is it possible to create a connecting experience without involving people, staff?

Can your product sit on a shelf and sell itself in the absence of staff selling it?

Take my experience last week at my hairdresser.  I brought a product that was curl cream for … you guessed it, curly hair. The brand is “Davines”. I noticed the beautiful packaging and then was told that when you open the wrapper there is a code that takes you to a Utube video to show you how most effectively to use the product. Brilliant!

An experience all wrapped up in a bottle.

Not relying on staff to explain how to use it – flawless.

At this stage I was committed to the purchase and thought I would give it a go.

Lets call this; a purchase with a point of difference.

As I went over to the counter to pay for my curl cream my hairdresser then shared the story of how the beautiful wrapping paper and innovative packaging was developed by the receptionist of the organization. She used to play with the paper and create cool wrapping ideas whilst at the reception desk in her spare time. It was noticed one day by the owner of the business and he then insisted on implementing her clever idea as part of their product packaging.

Now this product had a story! A beginning, a middle and an end.

This was more than just a purchase, it was an experience.

We need to be interesting as businesses to capture the customers in a way that connects them to your business. A great way to do this is to have a story.

What’s the story of your;

  • products
  • your establishment
  • your brand

If you can provide staff in their briefings and inductions, information that dives deep into a Description or Narrative about your products, or perhaps some interesting History about your product or brand. Then this is another secret weapon to create some sort of connection with a customer and provide interesting banter on their pathway to purchase.

The other part to this curl cream story that I love is the simple display of empowerment of the front line employee. Your employees have great ideas and if encouraged to innovate, will have solutions that even you may not think of.

Two takeaways this week:

  1. Have a story
  2. Its everyone’s job to innovate

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