Have you been to a petrol station lately and an employee behind the counter reels off a script without taking a breath about $2 chocolate bars and offering a combo for $5 with a bottle of water? I’m sure most of you are nodding. Recently, I have had a staff member tell me that they are only suggesting selling a certain deal because they have been told they must.

Transactional service is one of the most offensive and disconnected experiences we humans can provide for another human being.

Transactional service is like experiencing a robot serving you. Following an order with no sense of emotional awareness or social awareness, therefore not being able to apply flexibility to each unique circumstance.

It got me thinking about the recent movie released “Chappie”, starring Hugh Jackman. It’s about a guy called Deon who has created a machine that can think and feel.

Lets be honest, if you knew that you could program into a robot at the beginning of every shift instruction: “deliver exceptional customer service and the outcome is that the robot consistently delivers exceptional customer service time and time again, then why wouldn’t you start to include robots in your recruitment strategy?

Robot’s that think and feel sounds enticing and it completely contradicts my metaphor of comparing transactional service to robots. However, I’m not sure robots value human relationships, and this is the difference between a programmed customer connection and a human customer connection.

A very wise mentor of mine once said: “measure your success by the relationships you build not by the transactions you count”. Businesses are built on relationships. The successful organisations are ones that value the relationships with their customers and are easy to do business with.

Your task this week is very simple. Measure your relationship with your customers by asking yourself:

“Would I do business with us?”

Click below to see trailer for “Chappie”

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