A Gut Feeling

2018-09-27T09:45:56+10:00April 28, 2015|

I have been on a gut repairing journey the past few weeks including a full cleanse of my stomach and liver. Many of the ancient healers and natural therapies recommend a strict cleanse each year so your body and its organs has a reset and opportunity to absorb good nutrients for a more balanced way [...]


2018-09-27T09:45:56+10:00April 21, 2015|

They both start with Chief!! Have you ever sat there in a meeting with a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or MD (Managing Director), Business Owner of a company and asked them a question about the business they run, and you have quietly thought to yourself; "He/she has absolutely no idea what the answer is [...]

Vague Goals Vague Results

2018-09-27T09:45:56+10:00April 14, 2015|

Last week I sat down and listened to a fabulous coaching session by the wonderful Robin Sharma around setting goals. He took the listeners through a Genius Workshop that aimed to provide clarity around setting goals for the year, the current 90 days and for life! I noticed a few times during the process that [...]

Empowerment: Lessons in French

2018-09-27T09:45:56+10:00April 7, 2015|

Bonjour! What would your business look like if your employees had the competency in their job role and the confidence to feel empowered? In any service industry things can go wrong. Part of creating great customer experiences is really connecting with your customers and sometimes turning their average day or average transaction into something memorable and [...]

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