What would your business look like if your employees had the competency in their job role and the confidence to feel empowered?   In any service industry things can go wrong. Part of creating great customer experiences is really connecting with your customers and sometimes turning their average day or average transaction into something memorable and inspiring. Empowered employees are the enablers of creating the customer inspiration.

What do we leaders need to do more or less of to create a culture of employees who feel empowered? To start with, perhaps it’s about communicating clear authority and entrusting certain decisions to be made without needing to be across every detail? To assist you empowering your staff, here is a simple activity called Blue Rules and Red Rules that can help you identify decisions or rules in your business that are non negotiable and decisions or rules in your business that you permit employees to judge themselves.

Communicate the difference between a Blue Rule and Red Rule.

Blue Rules: These involve decisions that cannot harm an organisation in any way ie: policies or habits that may be broken if absolutely necessary

Red Rules: These involve decisions where a wrong move can be absolutely detrimental ie: legal or safety related issues that cannot be compromised.

An employee that feels empowered will show initiative, anticipate a customers needs or simply read a situation and make decisions that are likely to have a positive impact on the customer! This is when the magic happens between and employee and a customer.

My first ever job I remember how it felt to be fully empowered as an employee. I was 16, working for McDonalds and was opening the first McDonalds in Noumea.

Below is a conference presentation from 2013 where I share the story about the worlds longest McDonalds Drive Thru in the early 1990’s and some basic lessons from an ‘empowered employee’ at the age of 16!

Click on the video to see a great example of how knowing the Blue rules and Red rules in an organisation assists with empowerment.

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