Last week I sat down and listened to a fabulous coaching session by the wonderful Robin Sharma around setting goals. He took the listeners through a Genius Workshop that aimed to provide clarity around setting goals for the year, the current 90 days and for life!

I noticed a few times during the process that I was cheating myself slightly. Was I choosing to set goals that were safe and comfortable with almost guaranteed results? Or was I bold and courageous enough to stretch beyond my current limits and push through new boundaries, setting goals that quite frankly scared me and made me feel uncomfortable? Lets just say eventually there was a blend of both!

Recently I have had multiple discussions with various businesses around measurement. Namely what businesses define success to be, and what goals and targets they are using to determine their success. This conversation around measurement has raised a few eyebrows.

What is noticeably obvious is if the goals are vague the results will be just as vague.

If your measurement process and therefore goals in your business are absent or vague, my tips this week are:

  1. Get clear on your goals, really clear. It has been studied and proven that setting goals is a process that starts to provide you clarity. “Clarity Precedes Mastery” Robin Sharma
  2. Communicate your goals to EVERYONE! Don’t be afraid to shout it from the roof tops! Declare your Everest and hold everyone accountable to a small daily devotion that adds to the big prize!
  3. Have the goals visible to constantly refer to and track the progress along the way. We all love a good score board and healthy competition – show up the people in your business that are really winning and motivate the ones that aspire to get more runs on the board!

Go and Inspire