They both start with Chief!!
Have you ever sat there in a meeting with a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or MD (Managing Director), Business Owner of a company and asked them a question about the business they run, and you have quietly thought to yourself; “He/she has absolutely no idea what the answer is to this question”
And guess what; they are not meant to have all the answers.
In fact it’s far more preferable if a CEO encourages a culture where their employees and the talent surrounding them have the answers within.
So why then, do organisations place so much value on a CEO’s role and why do we need them at all?
To answer that simply; have you ever seen a group of school children in classroom gather themselves together quietly, sit still and do their work with no teacher in the room? Lets just agree that humans need someone to be in charge. Even if they don’t have all the answers.
A great CEO knows the importance and therefore the art form of cultivating a culture of discipline within an organisation, the ultimate formula for employees to perform greatly.
Jim Collins, in his No.1 Best Seller Good to Great talks about a culture of discipline and defines this as;

  • Disciplined People
  • Disciplined Thoughts
  • Disciplined Actions

Collins explains:

  • when you have disciplined people, you don’t need hierarchy
  • when you have disciplined thought you don’t need bureaucracy
  • when you have disciplined action you don’t need excessive controls

Perhaps if Collins could give the staff who create a disciplined culture a title, he might call them CIO’s: Chief Inspiration Officers. Someone that inspires others ( including the customer) through their hard work, knowledge and intentions.
So there you go, chuck out the layered management structure, red tape and rules and regulations, on the proviso that; you have a group of CIO’s around you who perform greatly in the face of your customers.
Here is what Ken Kesey has to say about having the right people in your team.( harsh but true words)
“There are going to be times when we can’t wait for somebody. Now, you’re either on the bus or off the bus”
Go and Inspire