I have been on a gut repairing journey the past few weeks including a full cleanse of my stomach and liver.

Many of the ancient healers and natural therapies recommend a strict cleanse each year so your body and its organs has a reset and opportunity to absorb good nutrients for a more balanced way of life.

One might ask what made me want to do this in the first place? Lets just say it was a gut feeling. I was not full of vitality. I felt slow and sluggish at times, and certainly didn’t feel I was the best version of myself day in day out, so I went for a cleanse.

Lets bring this same theory to our internal thoughts about the working environment.

Your level of Engagement at work is not a survey, it’s a gut feeling about your work.  It’s what we often refer to as the culture of your working environment. Your environment is only one part of what makes up a Culture.

Today I want to ask you in particular what is your gut feeling about your environment in your workplace?

There may be certain environment preferences in a working culture that appeal to you more than it may your peers or colleagues, for example:

  • Preference to work in an environment that is informal or formal 
  • Preference to work in an environment that is autonomous or promotes a lot of meetings 
  • Preference to work in an environment that is collaborative or hierarchical

All these types of working cultures exist and certain work environments promote a much healthier gut feeling amongst employees than others may.

Culture is difficult to see in any one place at one time. It is represented through words, actions, behaviours, hiring and firing criteria, language, stories and daily work practices.

According to Frances Frei and Anne Morriss at Harvard Business Review: ”Culture guides discretionary behaviour and it picks up where the employee handbook leaves off. Culture tells us how to respond to an unprecedented service request. It tells us whether to risk telling our bosses about our new ideas, and whether to surface or hide problems. Employees make hundreds of decisions on their own every day, and culture is our guide. Culture tells us what to do when the CEO isn’t in the room, which is of course most of the time.”

If you are not feeling the best version of yourself of late and know that there is a cleanse required in your work place, perhaps its worth discussing. Sometimes prompting a conversation based on a gut feeling is not so silly after all?

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