This weeks blog is talking directly to the inner leader within you.

Whether you’re a leader of a sporting team, family unit or leading a team in the workplace, there is always room for a leader to grow by learning more than they knew yesterday and trying something new.

I know myself when I am about to go on an epic growth spurt, personally or professionally, I start to feel uncomfortable about what I’ve committed to. Meaning, I feel I am at my edge in terms of “what I know” on this topic or task and that there is a whole lot of unknowns that I’m about to discover. In other words; sh#t is about to get real!

Last week there were two nights where I hosted a dinner party and cooked for friends and family. This is not the typical ratio of dinner parties per week, and yes it was a lot of hard work, but I loved every minute of it. I chose on both occasions to make dishes that I have never made before. A little risky I know, however I had the courage to do this knowing if I had a solid recipe which told me what equipment, ingredients and methodology was needed for these ‘new’ dishes then I couldn’t get it too wrong.

Cooking a new dish for the first time is much like doing a new task for the first time; it takes concentration, dedicated time and the discipline to follow a set of instructions.

After I witnessed my guests woof down the dishes, I felt much satisfaction. Not only did the plates come back empty, but I had instantly added several new dishes to my repertoire and next time I knew it wouldn’t be as hard.

Life and Leadership is about who you’re becoming, not what you are comfortable and good at.

If I live my life playing it safe, sitting in my Comfortable Norms, my learning and growth will be limited and my life a little less inspiring. Yes, pushing yourself outside of a comfortable zone can hurt.

It’s like when you were a kid if you ever experienced growing pains. They would really hurt on some occasions and there was not much your Mum or Dad could do for your pain relief, other than to explain what the pains were and that its part of growing up. If we don’t push beyond those boundaries and create New Norms how else do we grow?

I have three steps for you when creating New Norms in your world and becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  1. Concentration. Get really focused on the task at hand, deny any distractions or procrastination techniques and trust that you have the wisdom within to find the answers or direction. Be present and be fully in the moment.
  2. Dedicate the time that is needed for the new task or topic. You simply cannot approach a new task at the same pace you do with tasks you’ve done previously. This new task is not built into your muscle memory yet, it requires an allocation of time that allows you to process and learn from.
  3. Have the discipline to follow a set of instructions. If there is a guru that has done this before, learn from their mistakes and follow their instructions. If there are actual procedures put in place, follow them the first time round. Your way might end up being better however you need the discipline of starting somewhere; with an open mind willing to learn. Your intuition may show up if needed and persuade you slightly off course from what the instructions say. Intuition can be embraced with a new task if you have followed step 1 and 2.

So go on, put that hand up nice and high next time an opportunity comes up that makes your stomach do backflips and your palms sweaty…. These are symptoms of people living a life that are playing it real with courage and a willingness to grow.

Go and Inspire