I am sure there are days where you feel a little ‘off’.

These ‘off ‘days can lead you to feeling a little disconnected from others and at times a little disconnected from yourself.

An energy of disconnect within yourself sort of feels like you’re travelling in your own country, you need to recharge an appliance but you only have an international plug that doesn’t quite fit the power socket. Frustrating!

If you are in the business of people (staff or customers) a feeling of disconnection can be damaging in a brief interaction or a quick transaction and often misinterpreted. Our business world is becoming less forgiving with interactions that don’t promote a positive experience with people and therefore one slight misinterpretation can lead to a staff member leaving or a customer never returning.

So what do you do when you’re feeling ‘off’? How do you protect your brand when your feeling ‘off’?

Maybe the best option is to turn off all devices and lock yourself in your office till home time, the less interaction the less damage, right? If only it was that easy.

Being connected in the work place is challenging and yet probably one of the secret ingredients to creating a workforce and loyal customer base who believe in your brand and business.

I find that the best way to switch back into the right power socket and get connected is to remind myself of my higher purpose in my business. What does your brand stand for?

Quite simply we could all summarise in one sentence what our role is each day.

I find that when I remind myself what my role is simplistically without all the other stuff swirling about, I get refocused, recharged and can somehow shift my energy to feel more connected to myself and therefore more connected to the people I am interacting with.

It’s amazing energetically what we send out to the people we come in contact with. Be mindful of your energy and how it shows up in your daily interactions.

If you want to read more about how you live your brand see this great article below. It reinforces how we cannot afford to be disconnected for too long.


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