EOFY – seems so desperate doesn’t it? I mean seriously how many of us really tune into the end of financial year sales anyway? To me it’s all white noise, quite mundane, it’s become expected, the norm and another reason for an annoying insurance advertisement or car advertisement to blast out of your TV.

EOFY is the crudest example of selling by manipulation. A business is literally screaming at the consumer either:

  • We are cheaper than ever
  • Get in quick before we run out
  • For a limited time only

Don’t get me wrong selling by manipulation works, it’s been happening for centuries in the form of sales and marketing, and yes politics. However, I put to you; can there be another way? Another way to not only get the same result ( more sales) but a stronger connection with the consumer and a relationship that lasts? I think so.

Influencing Human behaviour is done either through manipulation or inspiration.

The difference is; Inspiration stimulates loyalty where as Manipulation pushes transactions.

It’s kind of like training a dog. You can train a dog over time with care, consistency and commitment, creating loyalty and trust OR you can choose to be loose and unintentional with your training and control the dog through pulling on the lead and shouting at it when it behaves poorly. The latter style seems very one sided and quite frankly exhausting after a while.

In order for us to create a motivation with our employees and our customers, we need to be intentional with how we inspire them to feel or act with our company.

Here are 5 Characteristics of inspiring employees

  1. Inspiring employees are authentic. They are immersed in their role in body, mind and spirit and genuinely want to be there, doing that role.
  2. Inspiring employees are great story tellers. They use their individual experiences and show some vulnerability which pulls on the heart strings of the customer and stimulates their thinking and feeling.
  3. Inspiring employees make changes not excuses
  4. Inspiring employees excel not compete
  5. Inspiring employees care about people. They aim to leave their customers and co – workers better than they found them.

I think all of us are inspired and can be inspiring.

What are you waiting for?

Go and Inspire