Frontline Consistency

2018-09-27T09:44:36+10:00March 28, 2017|

According to McKinsey and Company; consistency is the secret ingredient to making customers happy. In fact their research identified three keys to consistency; Customer - Journey consistency Emotional consistency & Communication consistency…. yes, I agree McKinsey, however I think there is a fourth consistency needed and that is; Frontline Consistency It's really tough being a [...]

Make Service Fast & Meaningful

2018-09-27T09:44:36+10:00March 21, 2017|

Over the next decade, new smart machines will enter offices, factories and homes in numbers we have never seen before. They will become integral to virtually every domain of our lives. As these machines replace humans in some tasks, and augment them in others, our greatest challenge will be to ensure our efficiencies do [...]

Extraordinary Humans

2018-09-27T09:44:36+10:00March 4, 2017|

Without a doubt, the human trait that sets us apart the most from the animal kingdom is our extraordinary brain. Humans don't have the largest brains in the world. We don't even have the largest brains relative to body size. Yet the human brain, weighing only about 3 pounds when fully grown, give us [...]

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