Have you thought through what skills and capabilities you will need to develop in your future work place?
A recent research paper out of Phoenix calls out ten skills needed for the future workforce in 2020. The first three are sense making, social intelligence, and novel & adaptive thinking.
A 2016 CSIRO report spells out quite clearly that Service sector jobs that require social interaction skills and emotional intelligence will become increasingly important as we move into a knowledge economy.
Social intelligence is the ability to quickly assess emotions and adapt gestures, tones and actions in a deep and direct way – ultimately giving a desired interaction for the customer.
Social intelligence is like the zooming in and out of a camera lens. Employees have a capability to know when to “let me zero in on something” or “let me back up a bit”.

Social intelligence draws on the whole brain, left and right, respecting both sides equally. This is needed to mirror an ideal customer interaction.
Customers rational thinking demands consistency and efficiency with any service interaction where as the right brain will tune into the emotional connection where their experience is determined by how relevant it was and if they feel their experience was unique and independent.
We are seeing employment growth in the service industries driving job creation that is asking us to be far more human and less structured, task focussed and far more creative.
As we respond to the needs of the savvier, smarter and more socially connected customers of today we are being asked to step up and exploit our humanism in the workplace.
Jaquie Scammell
“Why serve when you can inspire”