Strengthen Your Mind, Strengthen Your Relationship

2018-09-27T09:43:49+10:00July 18, 2017|

As a customer experience expert I have become a keen observer of people. One of the skills I have developed, over time, is being able to notice leaders in the service sector who are working mindfully. What does that look like? asking questions throughout the interaction paraphrasing important points that others make listening with [...]

The Head Count Conversation

2018-09-27T09:43:50+10:00July 11, 2017|

During lunch today (at a café), I overheard two gentlemen talking. It was the very large A3 page that got my attention, as I tuned in (effectively eavesdropping, oops) to their conversation. It was a familiar conversation that I have conducted and participated in many times before; the head count conversation. Do we have [...]

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