Don't Ask If You Don't Mean It

2018-09-27T09:43:49+10:00November 14, 2017|

There is no place for rhetorical questions in customer service Last week I travelled through a domestic airport, nursing a nasty head cold. The typical customer journey at an airport includes going through the security checkpoints, which involves interacting with multiple staff before eventually getting to your seat on the aircraft. Like most of us [...]

Lip Service or In-Service

2018-09-27T09:43:49+10:00November 9, 2017|

I sat starry-eyed and on the edge of my seat in the front row to hear from the CEO of an organisation. I wanted to be inspired, motivated and made to feel like I was part of a great culture. Unfortunately, as he began to address the team, I immediately sensed a lack of sincerity. [...]

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