Do you know what heterogeneous means? As an author I am always stumbling across new words and my constant curiosity requires me to understand a new word when I come across it.
According to Merriam Webster heterogeneous means; consisting of dissimilar or diverse ingredients or constituent.
What a perfect word to describe human nature. We are diverse, we bring a variance to each human interaction we have, which makes us humans very unpredictable at times.
In the context of our teams serving customers we need to remember that we are dealing with a mixed bag of humans.
For all of you service leaders out there this means, that when communicating what your service expectations are, it is best to keep it really simple.
I want to take this conversation one step further.
Last week when speaking with a group of regional managers who are implementing a service program across their stores, I realised how much we complicate things. There were a few leaders that were not getting the same results as the others. When we got to the crux of the problem, it was clear that they were trying to be too prescribed in describing how to “do” good customer service.
They had got caught up in the ‘doing’ of leading customer service and stopped ‘being’ leaders in customer service. When we are ‘being’ leaders in customer service, we don’t think too much, we just be. Sometimes all the training tool kits and standards of service will never get your dial of customer centricity shifting upwards. We need to pull it right back and make it simple so that your team members can ‘be’ in service their authentic way, because we are all different.
So rather than trying to describe what ‘good service looks like’ maybe think about how you would show someone how it looks to be in service.
Here is a quick contrast of doing versus being just for those that are completely confused.

I’ll share a dirty little secret about all this simplicity stuff around customer service; say it like a seven-year-old would say it.
Even Merriam Webster has a section defined for kids. The word MIXED is how you would define Heterogeneous for kids.
Jaquie Scammell
‘Be in Service’