I have been hanging out with some cool organisations in Australia that are doing some very simple yet effective ways of creating a customer – centric culture.
An area that I think is grossly underrated in service organisations is celebrating the good news stories that come from customers and employees themselves.
One of my clients who is in the insurance sector, invited me to visit their customer service team on level 4 and pointed to a wall of green paper squares. Upon closer inspection I could see that each green paper square had a message on it. In fact, the message was a compliment and it was a compliment from a customer.
My client proudly pointed out that their goal as a team is to make the wall green!
When we draw attention to all the good that already exists in your business, the good work your teams already do, the compliments that you are already receiving; we are able to build momentum off this.
Rather than keep the compliments filed in a folder hidden in the cloud, these compliments were a way of; storytelling, rewarding, recognizing, learning, sharing and celebrating.
It is common for business leaders to look at improving customer service as a “fix it model”. This is very human of us due to our traditional, deficit-based problem-solving mind-sets. It is more than often easier for us to first identify an issue or problem (what we see less of) instead of reframing it into what we want more of.
Get those compliments up in bright lights and show your people what ‘good’ looks like when in action. Go on; it’s the end of the year so take a moment this week and see what good has looked like in 2017 for you, celebrate it!
When you look for good you may notice more than you remember. Make your walls green.
Jaquie Scammell
‘Be in Service’