Thank you for reading and contributing to the stories and theories around customer service this past year.
As we close out 2017 and look forward to 2018 my wish for you, is that your relationships with your customers continue to thrive.
In service to you, I will be stepping it up next year and bringing you more stories, more deep thinking and more helpful ways to improve your service cultures.
Some of the cool things (not limited to) that I’ll continue to invest in 2018, all helping me offer more obscene value to you.

  • I’ll be attending a seven-day meditation retreat in NZ late January to help me stay focused and live from a more conscious place
  • I’ll be accredited to deliver iWAM (inventory for work attitude and motivation) to offer an additional tool to my clients when looking at individual motivations
  • I’ll be launching my book in June that will be a deep dive into creating service mindsets and full of amazing companies in Australia who share their secrets to leading customer-centric cultures
  • I’ll continue to be part of the amazing Thought Leaders Business School tribe where I am inspired and challenged every day by an amazing group of professional experts.

Merry Christmas
Jaquie X