It’s Sunday night and I sit down to prepare myself for the week.
Prepare for what you may ask?
This Sunday night tradition I have practiced for many years since I was a young girl.
Every Sunday night my Dad would get my brothers and I to line up over newspaper in the loungeroom, with school shoe in one hand and boot polish in the other.
He made us learn and practice how to first polish our shoes, rub with dubbin and then give them a good brush all over to really bring out the shine.
This was Dad’s way of teaching us that; Big wins come from small disciplines and how you present yourselves to the world determines your results.
Preparing ourselves for Service is a similar discipline.
How we prepare ourselves to get up tomorrow, to serve our teams and our customers, sets the tone and affects the overall results of our work.
I remember when I was a young sixteen-year-old, I was always told that when performing, working or communicating with people, I must smile.
My dance teacher would say; ‘Smile when you are dancing on stage’, my boss at McDonalds would say; ‘smile when you are serving customers’, my teacher would say; ‘smile when you are speaking in front of your school mates’.
I didn’t know the importance of smiling but was aware enough to know that if it was reinforced in many facets of my life (school, work and home), then smiling must be important.
I now know; according to recent studies, smiling helps generate more positive emotions within you. I also have learned that children smile on average 400 times a day, while most happy people smile 40 – 50 times a day, in fact, some of us are smiling less than 20 times a day.
Later in life, I realise that smiling has something to do with first impressions because apparently, they matter.
As a kid my brothers and I were taught to polish our shoes on a Sunday night, in its simplest form the lesson Dad was trying to teach us was; first impressions count.
In service, our first impression is the smile.
When did we stop smiling in service? Where did all those smiles go?
So back to where I started this chat. I am preparing myself for the week. So I can get my smile count up to at least 50 times a day… because that is what people deserve who I am in service to this week.
Jaquie Scammell
‘Love Being in Service’

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