Customer Service is a Social Experience

2018-09-27T09:42:27+10:00April 24, 2018|

Yes, customers value speed, efficiency and consistency however digital innovation in some businesses may seem like they are making your customer service stronger but it also comes with its risks. Seriously……… can we look beyond the task, transaction that is; serving a customer, AND get more spiritual about this topic? Ok, rant over. Customer [...]

How to Serve

2018-09-27T09:43:23+10:00April 17, 2018|

In this age of digital transformation and technology, many argue we are more connected than ever before. In business, especially, artificial intelligence (AI), automation and the rise of robots has improved speed, efficiencies and processes beyond our wildest imaginations. But at what cost? Employees now provide products and services to consumers without ever having [...]