Leadership is about being consistent. It’s about consistently behaving and showing up as a role model whom others respect.
Whether you realise it, with each interactions with your employees, you set the tone for the day, the shift, and the moment. In turn, this has a flow-on effect with your customers. According to an article in a Gallup Business Journal, positive leaders deliberately increase the flow of positive emotions in their organisations. The article draws attention to ‘the magic ratio’, which suggests there is an optimal positive to negative ratio of interactions in organisations that impact a team’s performance such as a more positive mood, enhanced job satisfaction and greater engagement.
Michael Bunting, author of The Mindful Leader (2016) conducted research on a 360-degree survey tool that included 500 leaders with 4000 assessment results. His research showed that 40 per cent of a person’s engagement at work is dependent on their boss’s behaviour.
We cannot possibly know just how much we affect our teams and the service culture of our business from our every mood, every thought, every gesture, and every word. When I work with businesses looking to embed a stronger, more positive service mindset into their cultures, I start by looking at how the leaders are ‘being’. How leaders treat people, colleagues and customers is a significant indicator to how all people in the business are treating each other and customers.
I am obsessed with Fawlty Towers and the clever scripts, stories and messages we learn from such a class act team led by John Cleese. John Cleese voted this episode as his favourite because it highlights the team’s (Polly, Manual and Chef) play out in response to his (Basil’s) leadership style.

Want a positive service culture? Start at the top. We are biologically programmed to take cues from the most powerful person in the room. We are infected by leaders; therefore, you set the tone of your culture, the expectation of your employees and the type of service your customers receive.
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Jaquie Scammell
‘Love Being in Service’

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