Have you seen those ads on TV for Ancestory.com? You learn a lot about yourself, your history and what has been passed down through generations.
Our family tree is often described as the essence of who we are, not just our skin colour and medical history but the attitudes and beliefs we hold. A leader’s role in the workplace is similar to ancestors role in our lives.
We’ve all heard of the expression a fish rots from the head. Recently, we’ve seen how leadership within the four big banks in Australia infected a service culture that fundamentally failed hundreds of thousands of customers.
Customer service models need to be flipped. Leaders may not have direct contact with customers every day but they do have direct contact with staff who interacts with customers every day—that counts for everything. Leaders drive the transformation of service; it’s their mindset that leads to a continuum of behaviours.
The companies I am currently working with are witnessing real shifts in their service culture, and they all have three things in common:

  1. they drew a line in the sand and decided ‘we must be better’
  2. they didn’t try and change the world in a day—there is no silver bullet
  3. they started at the top with the senior leaders.

Breathing life into your service culture must come from the DNA of the leaders in your organisation.
For those of you who would like some help in shifting a service mindset in your organisations culture, you must be willing to start at the very top—otherwise, it’s a waste for both of us.
Jaquie Scammell
‘Love Being in Service’

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