I intend to serve. Really serve.
I intend to serve those who are special to me and those I am yet to meet.
I intend to listen deeply and truly understand those around me, and I want to teach others the skills I have learnt.
I intend to be conscious with my choice of words, and be present with my attention. I want to remain curious, and I want to keep being better than yesterday.
I intend to continue to learn, to be open to new opportunities and to ask brilliant questions.
For me to obtain any or all of these qualities in my life, I first must serve myself.
So ….
I’m taking a small break, and I’m choosing to do this in Greece for the month of September with my beautiful partner. The intent is simple: to recharge. Just like defragging your computer’s hard drive to help make accessing files faster, I am defragging to access my source, my essence, and my intuition faster so I can be a better leader in my work.

‘You lead best when the best version of you talks to the best version of us.’
Matt Church

The relationship you have with yourself is the most critical one. All relationships around you benefit when you serve yourself first. You do this by taking care of your body, mind, heart and soul. Being a leader in your team, your field of work, your industry or your life requires you to serve yourself before others.
Robin Sharma in this article talks about the importance of high performing teams. He says we need a healthy mindset and ‘heartset’ to gain greater connection at work and at home.[i] His article inspired my thinking on what I gain when I take a reset. There are three areas of my being that are energized when I take a holiday. They are:

When I step away from the everyday and into a holiday frame of mind, I am less distracted and more present. If I am in a new place, exploring a town or city for the first time, I am deeply curious. When I see things for the first time, all of my senses come alive. This present state of mind takes me away from the doing and the busyness of everyday and really allows me to just simply be. My thinking slows down, my intuition speeds up and my mind has permission to just empty thoughts from time- to-time throughout the day.
Taking a break allows me to remember the things that make me most happy. I enjoy being able to indulge: exploring a new place, eating a delicious meal or enjoying a new experience. These are all my choices, and they make my heart sing. These experiences will stay in my heart forever and give me memories and feelings that no one can ever take away from me. When I am happy and my heart is open, I welcome inspiration that sparks the next big idea or project to which I commit when I launch back into my work, my life.
When I allow myself time to immerse with nature, appreciate unfamiliar cultures and environments, it’s an opportunity to connect back to my place on the planet. It reminds me how insignificant we are and at the same time how connected we are to everything around us, even if it’s on the other side of the world and feels completely foreign. This brings a great reset of self-awareness and keeps my life and my day-to-day challenges in perspective. When I have a soulset, I return from my break clear in what my intentions are and I assess whether my actions are congruent with my intent.
I am at my best when I a listen deeply to my intuition, welcome inspiration from new environments and experiences, and when I am extremely clear on my intentions. This is also when I am most in service to others.
What have you done recently to reset you? Do you have plans to reset you?
Without a reset mindset, heartset and soulset, what are the consequences to yourself and to others?
We all need to switch off and plug back in occasionally.
I will be quiet on the blogging front for the next few weeks; however; I will be posting lots of lovely photos of my trip in Greece on Facebook and Instagram.
Service starts with you. Serve yourself before others by keeping your mindset, heartset and soulset healthy and energised.
Jaquie Scammell
Love being in service

[i] https://www.robinsharma.com/article/what-s-your-heartset

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