Ellen Broad, an Australian data expert, recently shared with the folk on Triple J that by 2062 we will have Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence. After hearing this, I preceded down a rabbit hole into the world’s brain—Google—and got lost in the question: Could AI’s develop conscious experience?

I will let you ponder that question further but what interests me is helping humans become more self-aware—specifically, more emotionally self-aware.

When I spend time with leaders in service workshops, where we are working deeply with self– awareness, it surprises me how many people are unable to recognise the emotional triggers that are impacting their work and the people they are serving (their teams and customers). This, in short, is a lack of emotional self-awareness.

Daniel Goleman, author of Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships says ‘Without being able to recognise your feelings, you can’t control them. This inevitably effects your disposition—and output—at work’.

We can dial up our self-awareness by practising mindfulness. See my recent blog about practising meditation to increase self-awareness.

Best we continue to wake up before the AI’s become more self-aware than us.

Jaquie Scammell
“Love Being in Service”

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