In his first month of administration, Trump invented or mainstreamed a new vocabulary of mendacity—fake news and alternative facts. And within ten months, he made more than 1500 false or misleading claims according to the Washington Post. No matter how much politicians dismiss Trumps’ words—words matter.

Words have destroyed a nation. Words have inspired a nation. Words have power.

As a leader who influences people—both employees and customers—your words also matter.

Language is a tactic of leadership. Words and actions are linked. Your language supports the success of others; it will leave people either guessing or inspired based on your level of commitment to the word and how you communicate your messages i.e. the words you choose to deliver.

Creating a sustained uplift in your service culture will require you to be persistent, consistent and frequent in the stories and messages you deliver to your workforce. This ongoing focus of communication will align your workforce to what matters. It will earn attention and trust, and will eventually create the action you wish to see when they interact with your customers.

Start obsessing about the words you deliver to your employees first (internally), before you set out with what you want your customers to hear you say. Words will stimulate brain activity; brain activity creates mindsets; and mindsets create actions and behaviours.

It’s that simple. Be impeccable with your words, every day.

Jaquie Scammell

‘Love Being in Service’

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