Breathe for Better Results

2019-03-24T17:59:03+11:00March 26, 2019|

I’ve been practising speaking to a camera lately. This is in preparation for a series of online programs I am launching later this year (with an intention of vlogging more frequently). It has been frustrating, and there is much to consider in order to get a great result. I have accidently crash-tackled my camera [...]

Treadmills or yoga mats? Part 2

2019-03-17T22:14:04+11:00March 19, 2019|

Recently, during a team workshop, one of my clients told a story that touched me deeply. He is in the business of supplying medical equipment to doctors and nurses. He was on a visit to a hospital in Australia that has recently introduced robots into its business routines. These robots serve, interact with patients [...]

Smart Service

2019-03-11T12:40:52+11:00March 12, 2019|

At school, I was an average student. Intellectually, I didn’t stand out; therefore, I didn’t ‘dream big’ about what my life could look like and what I’d dare to achieve. This limiting mindset stemmed from what most of us grew up believing, which was how well you do at school is how well you [...]

One customer at a time

2019-03-03T23:26:54+11:00March 5, 2019|

Confucius says, ‘Man who chases two rabbits catches neither’. Please stop multi-tasking. If you split your attention, what will the quality of your work be? How complete will your interactions feel? What non-verbal cues or clues will you miss because you only have one eye on the job? As a customer, I pay for [...]

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