Confucius says, ‘Man who chases two rabbits catches neither’.

Please stop multi-tasking. If you split your attention, what will the quality of your work be?
How complete will your interactions feel? What non-verbal cues or clues will you miss because you only have one eye on the job?

As a customer, I pay for people to be there for me—to really be there for me. Don’t you expect the same?

It is a deep human desire to feel that someone is interested in us, and to be heard and seen by others. When you are not giving your undivided attention to others, how interested can you really be in them?

When you find yourself slipping into super women/man mode and are telling yourself you can do three things at once … STOP! Then breathe and course correct.

On days when I am tempted to multi-task, I remember my mantra: all that needs to get done today, will get done.

Please stop multi-tasking. Pay attention to the human in front of you in order to serve wholly and completely.

Jaquie Scammell

‘Love Being in Service’

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