At school, I was an average student. Intellectually, I didn’t stand out; therefore, I didn’t ‘dream big’ about what my life could look like and what I’d dare to achieve. This limiting mindset stemmed from what most of us grew up believing, which was how well you do at school is how well you will do at life.

We now know that this conditioning was a big fat lie. What we didn’t realise, generations ago, was that there is another type of intelligence that would become as equally known and as equally important in the game of life—Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Daniel Goleman, master of EQ, backs this argument with research and science. He states that you can have a successful life if you have emotional intelligence.

The same goes for success in business, especially where relationships are concerned. Strong relationships rely on the core competencies of emotional intelligence. People who spend their days at work serving teams and customers will benefit the most from dialling up their emotional intelligence.

We want people on our teams who have a greater sense of awareness of self and others.

We want people on our teams who have a greater understanding of others and who know what matters to them.

We want people on our teams who know how to handle themselves, who get along with others, and who can cooperate with you.

All these skills are helpful in service. They are smart skills to have in this new conceptual era. Thank goodness we are now being educated on what it really means to be smart.

The more awareness we have of self and others, and the more ways in which we influence people, the smarter we will be in service.

Jaquie Scammell

‘Love Being in Service’

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