I’ve been practising speaking to a camera lately. This is in preparation for a series of online programs I am launching later this year (with an intention of vlogging more frequently).

It has been frustrating, and there is much to consider in order to get a great result. I have accidently crash-tackled my camera tripod and changed the office around ten times to get the right background. I even put a notice on my door so people won’t knock in the midst of recording. I have learned a lot on my new venture and I am especially surprised at how much this new skill has triggered me and stressed me out.

We all get triggered sometimes and this causes us to behave in ways we are not particularly proud of. Dealing with people, in general, can trigger us into a state of frustration, worry and defensiveness, and we can allow these emotion- and thought-triggers to take over.

When I sense an unhelpful reaction coming my way, I know a short pause is all I need to see where I am going wrong or how I am reacting so I can make a little shift. In these moments, I practise the 4-second rule—4 seconds is how long it takes to take a breath.

Pause. Breathe. Course correct.

It’s about resisting our impulsive, knee-jerk reactions, and instead, being more intentional and mindful. 4 seconds can be the difference between a poor decision and a good one. I think anyone who deals with people or serves teams or customers could benefit from the 4-second rule.

So check out my vlog below. This is my first vlog attempt, and in it I talk about the 4-second rule. It’s pretty rough, but I am practising a new skill, and I have to start somewhere … right?

Jaquie Scammell

‘Love Being in Service’

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