Political hopeful Beto O’Rourke (a fresh voice for Americans) is known for galvanising support across the country during his 2018 bid to unseat Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Oprah Winfrey describes him as the ‘real deal’.

At the center of Beto’s election campaign was how children were being separated from their mothers at America’s borders. When he became aware of this desperate situation, he called for the people of America to bare witness to this act of decision and animosity in the country. His compassion and humility as a leader is what rose to the top. He had an overwhelming wave of support and he made the following very clear:

This story inspired me and even though Beto lost his election by three votes, I was filled with hope about the potential new political leadership we are seeing in this world. This, my dear friends, is Leadership as Service not Leadership as Power:

  • It is not commanding, it is serving.
  • It is not authoritarian, it is an act of humility.
  • It is not domineering, it is developing others.

There is a certain mindset that forms leadership as service—a service mindset. A service mindset is having great self-awareness, a deep understanding of others and a skill in managing yourself (including your ego). I see three (obvious) benefits when leaders step into a

  • They raise others. They raise their own leadership skills and abilities by first focusing on lifting others.
  • They achieve great things effortlessly. They achieve great things with reliance on resources and politics; however, their behaviour is in alignment with their values and basic human kindness.
  • They rise up among adversity. They emerge through tough times by bringing people together when there is divide … this is the power of service.

Less power, more service—for this, I am hopeful.

Jaquie Scammell

‘Love Being in Service’