How do you cope when you are having a hard day?

If you are anything like me, you would like to think that you display the characteristics of a professional when at work. How wonderful for us all, that we can be our best professional selves on the ‘good days’… until the ‘good days’ get hard.

The days when we;

…are tired and feeling overwhelmed with dealing with people
…have way too many things on our to do list and we are needing more time and less disruptions
…feeling flat and cannot quite get out of the funk that you are in

I reflected on the years I played a role to provide service;

  • At twelve years old; the local milk run on the back of a truck, running from door to door to delivering milk (geez showing my age here… do the milko’s still exist?)
  • In my teenage years; adopting the flawless McDonalds system of serving customers, shifts after school, weekends, 5 am opens and midnight closes
  • In my twenties; the thousands of staff to lead and motivate at the international stadiums and major events I worked at, ten hour shifts, several days in a row
  • In my thirties and the present moment; speaking in front of large audiences, conferences and workshops, teaching diverse audiences how to create a service mindset

These moments and roles I have played have all taught me to;

Always reach a little higher when thinks get hard
The work you do when you are working with people is not physical like laying bricks or operating machinery its “emotional labour”. Emotional labour is the work that Seth Godin describes we do in search of empathy.

Some of the mental prompts I tell myself when I am having a hard day, that help me shift in search of empathy are;

  • Smile Jaq’s, it will make you and them feel better
  • Remember Jaq’s what you are here to do…serve
  • It’s about them Jaq’s, pay attention
  • What can I learn from this person, tune in
  • How helpful is your belief that today is a hard day? Who gains from this belief?
  • How would this person feel about my service right now?
  • Can you reach a little higher Jaq’s, 1% more

It’s about showing up and putting your best professional self forward in that moment, because it’s the work we do to provide a service.

Jaquie Scammell

‘Love Being in Service’

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