Would you like to know the one skill needed in service for building relationships with your customer?

This skill is akin to the zooming in and out of a lens on a camera. You know when to zero in on something and when to back it up a little. If you want a quality picture, you don’t just point and shoot. You have enough awareness to adapt to any situation to get the best quality picture. 
If you want your employees to:

·       Make good judgment calls when critical to the customer
·       Know how to read a room
·       Be aware of their social surrounds
·       Adapt their service style
·       Respond to unexpected challenges and still create results …

… they need the skill of Social Intelligence.

I first learned about Social Intelligence when I mobilised the Wembley Workforce back in 2005. We were serving Dukes and Duchesses, high flying millionaires and global celebrities.

We needed staff who could adapt their service style depending on whom they were serving and on the social surrounds in which they were working, for example, a rock concert or a football game.

Many people get Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence confused. They are different and they also are both needed. To find out more about the difference between the two watch this quick one- minute clip where I explain it in more detail.

As leaders in service environments, it’s crucial we know what skills to look for when seeking socially intelligent staff during the recruitment phases.

We also need to know how to reinforce and develop Social Intelligence with existing staff—the one key skill for building customer relationships.

Jaquie Scammell

‘Love Being in Service’

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