Extraordinary Presence Allows You to Deliver Extraordinary Service

2019-09-25T12:06:13+10:00September 25, 2019|

We live and work in environments where we are distracted, exhausted, triggered and addicted—we are suffering. It is likely that this is affecting our state of awareness ‘in the moment’, and clouding our thoughts, judgements and perspectives. When we are distracted, exhausted, triggered and addicted, our life, work and service can feel harder than [...]

We Convince by Our Presence

2019-09-18T16:13:53+10:00September 18, 2019|

Through learning the critical need to be more present in my life, I have seen the impact and effect it has had on shaping my friendships and relationships and on the quality of my presence when I walk into a room. ‘We convince by our presence.’—Walt Whitman Most days I am on time, if [...]

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