We live and work in environments where we are distracted, exhausted, triggered and addicted—we are suffering. It is likely that this is affecting our state of awareness ‘in the moment’, and clouding our thoughts, judgements and perspectives. When we are distracted, exhausted, triggered and addicted, our life, work and service can feel harder than they need to be.

Our desire for speed and convenience is feeding our distractions, exhaustion, triggers and addictions, and is taking us away from the ‘power of now’. You may be in the same room as someone, even within a meter’s distance, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are ‘there’.

When you become preoccupied with other activities, let your mind drift to someplace else, or pay attention to the thoughts in your head, you give in to your lack of presence. This causes people to feel unheard and become frustrated.

This eventually weakens relationships.

When you are present, you are more likely to make better decisions in the moment and make a better impression.

Being in the present helps you to:

  • be objective in situations and circumstances
  • create greater connections with other people; they feel seen and heard
  • make better decisions
  • communicate more effectively.

There are plenty of books, podcasts and documentaries about the importance of presence. As a leader, the power presence has on others is almost secondary to the power it has on you.

One of the first teachers of presence and the author of New York Times bestseller, The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle asks students:

When you do things, do you do them with presence or is it a means to an ends?

In other words, when you are working, if you don’t want to be there, you are simply not in your power. It’s a choice: first, the choice is to want to be more present; second, it is choosing to be present in each moment throughout a day.

The world needs leaders like you to be at their best right now, and the times of today are calling for more leaders who can not only write a profound speech but who can communicate and deliver messages in a way that connects to people’s hearts and minds.

Leaders who step into extraordinary presence lead extraordinary service.

I will be running a retreat in November where we will focus on tools and practices for getting into a state of presence throughout a day and, more importantly, regulating balance when life tips you off centre. Due to customer demand, I have opened up 5 more places.
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Jaquie Scammell
‘Love Being in Service’