Typically, this time of year is crazy busy for people, and for most service professionals, heading towards the end of the year and summer holidays is a peak period. Its during moments of stress and busyness that our behaviours are amplified.

I recently took a phone call from a distraught employee who works in the retail space. Joanne had just hired a new employee to lighten the workload with the view that she could spend more time with her customers.

After a month of having a new addition to the team, Joanne was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated that in fact her workload had somehow seemed to double, and she was not getting any more time with her customers the way she had intended to.

There were many moments in a day where she was so frustrated that she had to walk away from others, because she did not like the way she was starting to snap and speak to people, her frustrations were starting to leak out in her behaviours.

During the call, I urged her to breathe. Together we took a deep belly breath in (2 seconds) and out (2 seconds), and then after an intentional pause, I advised her to invite more breath into the moments of a her day, to stay calm and grounded in her behaviours. I told her to practice one of the Service Habits she learned in the workshops; 4 seconds, pause, breathe and course correct tomorrow as often as she needs to and watch how her decisions and behaviours benefit in those moments.

She sent me a text the following evening on her way home from work; “I cant believe how effective the 4 sec habit is. Thank you so much Jaqs, I totally feel like I can get on top of my frustration with this tool.”

It’s just that simple. Conscious breathing is one of the most powerful transformative tools available to us, and yet it is largely untapped. Making this habit part of your daily life will impact your inner state and affect how you show up in your relationships with people at work.

You have more power over your thoughts and emotions than you think in these moments of chaos, stress or busy.

Jaquie Scammell
‘Love Being in Service’

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