STOP Thinking about Service

2020-01-23T15:58:56+11:00January 23, 2020|

One of the things that gets in the way for people in service roles delivering stand out service, is they get stuck in their heads, doing far more unnecessary thinking than they need to. The busy mind is often described as ‘The Monkey Mind’. The Monkey Mind is addicted to doing, to thinking and [...]

99% Service is not 100%

2020-01-08T17:23:17+11:00January 8, 2020|

How would it feel if your partner or best friend came to you one day and said; I am 99% committed to you. It would feel odd, and you would be left wondering why only 99%? If you felt that you were important to you then you would be wanting more. At first, 99% [...]

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