Jaq’s Service Habits in practice

Last week I delivered 5 workshops and met 185 leaders from various organisations and industries.

I got to see first hand how the individuals in organisations treated one another behind the scenes when the customer is not watching.
You can tell a lot about an organisation by the way its employees treat each other.

There is a certain mimicry that takes place in a workplace. Employees’ behavioural traits rub off onto each other and combine to prescribe how people act around the workplace. It takes a huge amount of effort to change these behavioural traits when you’re in front of a customer.

What you do as a culture, a workforce, when no-one is watching is your true nature in service. The level of service to people out- side of the organisation- customers and suppliers, for example- should take little effort, but if service teams are having to make extra effort because it’s not their ‘natural’ approach to internal relationships, they will soon start to tire.

We need to nurture a customer service mindset inside the walls of our workplaces first in order for the relationships on the outside to thrive.

Service Habit #2 Invest in Internal Relationships.

Jaquie Scammell
‘Love Being in Service’

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