Jaq’s Service Habits Journal

The number one question I get asked by companies is; how do you create consistency in service?

My immediate response to that question is; have you defined your values and service behaviours?

According to corporate anthropologist Michael Henderson, when you’re part of a team with clearly defined values and behavior’s, this helps you;

– Define what’s worth striving for
– Define what to say yes and no to
– Generate energy and motivation

Makes sense right, what you focus on grows. But what are you focusing on, and what are your teams focusing on? What are the compass points that help employees monitor their own criteria of performance when serving people?

Last week when I met a new client for the first time, they had a realisation that they had not agreed what their expectations were of their team, regarding service behaviours and therefore had not articulated what ‘good looks like’ to the business.

Don’t expect consistency in service if you haven’t set what’s expected
Get clear on what your service behaviours are for your teams , communicate them clearly and most importantly, role model them daily.

Service Habit #8 Lead by example through your values and behaviours

Jaquie Scammell
‘Love Being in Service’

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