Last weekend I had a contrasting service experience in the same store. It was my first time out in a retail store in several months, you can imagine I was quite excited and up for an exchange of some good vibes from anyone really. 

Shop assistant number 1, ignored me until I came to the counter and when she did interact, she could not make eye contact at all. It was quite awkward, and I felt like she had something far more important on her mind. I left feeling like a number and completely unseen.  

Shop assistant number 2, asked a few questions, engaged with me using all body language, eye contact and the right tone of voice to match our conversation. I stayed at the counter a little longer, finished the chat and left feeling good, I reckon she would recognise me again if I returned to that store. 

You can always sense when someone is serving you mindlessly and going through the motions. These employees use tone of voice, body language and conversations that are irrelevant to the situation. Quite often they will say things that are out of context, for example; ‘Have a nice day’’ when its late at night or the customer is clearly not having a nice day. 

They miss valuable opportunities to not just make someone’s day, but also make the organisations brand memorable, for the right reasons. 

On the other hand, a willing employee with a meaningful mindset – is someone who loves being in service. They bring high relevance and meaning to each and every customer interaction. They recognise you and your needs, including when you’re having a bad day. 

Employees with a ‘this is just a job’ mindset create copy – and – paste customer interactions, which quite frankly can be delivered better by a bot online in a chat box. 

Employees with a ‘it is a joy to serve’ mindset create meaning and connection with customers, which is what will bring them back again and again. 

Would you like to know how to address mindsets as employees prepare for returning to work and prepare for more customers to serve? 

On Monday the 1st June at 2pm I will be hosting a FREE webinar to uncover what different companies across various sectors are doing to prepare employees mindsets to prepare them for greater customer interactions.  

Specifically, we will look at; 

  • Leadership tactics in restoring confidence in employees  
  • Effective ways of communicating to employees remotely  
  • Reenergising company vision, values and behaviours to anchor employee mindsets  

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