Last week I facilitated the final webinar in a 12 month Service Habits series. For the 90 leaders who dialed in, they felt it was one of the best sessions they had experienced. 

The theme of the webinar was Praise. Multiple employees had nominated people across the business who had demonstrated the Service Habits which had a positive impact on the people around them. 

We celebrated them, gave them space to soak up the peer to peer praise and it lifted the virtual roof of zoom, leaving a huge smile on everyone’s faces. 

When people are performing at their best and having a positive impact, recognition of this motivates others around them.

If ever there was a time for people to work together, it is now.  

If ever there was a time for people to shine a little brighter, it is now. 

If ever there was s time for people to look for more what is right than wrong, it is now. 

Research and data continually support that when there is room for peer to peer recognition, where employees can commend others for every day contributions, as well as exemplary work or effort, leaders see an increase in motivation, engagement and retention of employees 

From my direct experience, peer recognition is far more powerful when it is an organic expression of gratitude, not forced or planned, but shared because its deserved.  

Make it a habit. 

The earlier recognition happens after an event, the better. Don’t leave it weeks to mention a colleague when they have done something great.

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