It’s hard not to think about the quality of leadership these days. 

What is happening in our world is forcing us to pay attention to leadership styles more urgently than ever before—and the contrast between Leader Type A and Leader Type B is starkly obvious.

  • Leader Type A is in it for themselves. They are motivated to acquire power, wealth, popularity, and fame for themselves only.
  • Leader Type B is in it for others. They are motivated to influence and lead by identifying and meeting the needs of others.

Followers of Leader Type A will abide by the rules. They will encourage separation, hierarchy and cover ups, and will achieve targets at all costs.

Followers of Leader Type B will reciprocate their service to others through increased teamwork and deeper engagement among people. They will achieve results while sustaining better performance.

Right now, leadership across the globe warrants careful consideration and thoughtful action.

‘If serving’s beneath you, leadership’s beyond you.’—anonyms
Leadership is service.

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