Have you ever sat in traffic and felt the impatience and frustration rise within you? 
And then, although you are running late, although you have been sitting tolerantly, moving slower than 20kms per hour, you decide to be a good citizen and let someone out in front of you (something we all look for when we are sitting in traffic). Yes, that’s right. You place another car between you and your final destination. How kind and caring you are.

The driver you let in, calmly slips out in front of you without giving you a wave. They offer no form of recognition or acknowledgement for your act of service. 

Hmmm … how do you feel about this scenario? 

When we serve others, does it come with a contract of expectations? A sense of debt? Are we owed something? 

Or are we able to serve others with an energy of helpfulness, resourcefulness and willingness to serve regardless of recognition or acknowledgement in return?

‘Relationships based on obligation lack dignity.’—Wayne Dyer

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