One of the greatest things you can learn in life is that relationships are like mirrors. Everything you do (and feel) appears in your outside world as a ‘direct’ reflection: you can’t frown in front of a mirror and have it reflect back a smile. 

I was reminded recently of how the value you give yourself is the value the world reflects back at you. If you feel good about being you, the outside world will reflect this back to you by being nice and kind and treating you with respect. 

A relationship will reflect back to you how you are feeling on the inside and what energy you are giving off. 

  • Give a smile and you will get one back (more often than not).
  • Bring curiosity and open-mindedness and you will gain greater connection.
  • Offer kindness with your eyes and you will get kindness back.
  • Give time and be fully present with people and you will be respected in return.

A service mindset that is externally focused on the people you serve is most potent and effortless when the energy you give is a true reflection of how you feel on the inside. This is why service always starts with YOU.

Practice this and build awareness by noticing times when…

  • You feel disrespected. How respectful are you being to yourself?
  • You feel undervalued. How much do you value yourself?
  • You want kindness. How kind are you being towards yourself?

Always choose to adopt a service mindset to yourself first. Perform in a way that is aligned with the way you see yourself. Once you start changing how you feel about yourself, the outside world will reflect that new vibration back to you. 

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