My partner and I are planning a staycation and making the most of our local area on the Mornington Peninsula over a four-day intentional break.
We have agreed on two rules for the four days:
  1. No work (this includes laptops, gardening and housework).
  2. We are to only experience places we have never been to before.

We plan to visit four restaurants, two wineries and a village market filled with local producers,  all of which will create a first impression and provide lasting memories for us. What we are most excited about is the promise of being pleased the first time by new brands and businesses in familiar territory.

  • Each business has the promise of being unique and making us feel special.
  • Each business has a golden opportunity to wow us, win us over and create an emotional connection where we will want to share our experience with friends and families for weeks to follow.
  •  Each business has the potential to create loyal customers for life, giving us a reason to come back time and time again.
  • And… each business only has this one time, never-to-be-repeated opportunity to make a first impression.
Mark Schaller, a leading social psychologist who wrote the book First Impressions says, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. Call centres refer to this as First Call Resolution. It means taking full ownership of the call and doing our best to solve the problem the first time. When I was Director of Customer Relations at the Australian Open, I created something similar by using the mantra, Ace it First Time, Every Time.


In service, our calling is to make a difference. It’s a chance to make things better for those we seek to serve: look the part before you open the doors; be five minutes earlier than expected; ask great questions to clarify that the problems you are solving are the right ones, and greet people the first time as though you know you’ll meet them again.


Aim to please the first time, like it is the only time.

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