I recently read a blog by Seth Godin, Practical Elegance, where he suggests that customer service begins at the point of making a commitment to the experience long before something breaks or needs to be refunded.

I liked Seth’s perspective as it is similar to the first habit, Choose to Serve, which we teach in the Service Habits programs. It’s a foundational habit for everything that follows an initial interaction. If you haven’t chosen to be of service before the interaction begins, you are already behind in making that commitment.

What you choose to believe usually forms part of your identity and what you choose to commit to is usually experienced from what you practice.

Part of my identity is that I choose to be a yogi and a regular meditator; therefore, every day I choose to practise yoga and meditation.

To practise extraordinary service, you must first choose to serve.

If serving people is part of your job role, then what do you practise each day to live up to that identity?

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