It was 2017, the day after the Australian Open Men’s final. Roger Federer had taken the title yet again. It was an epic four-hour match and I was working behind the scenes serving the Federer team.

The next morning – post-win – Federer was out on the court again. I learned that he was practicing a mindset and a behaviour to avoid complacency. Knowing that ‘you are only as good as your last performance,’ you must ‘keep earning your title or it will expire’ (Derek SiversHell Yeah or No).


To earn a title from your customers like ‘they give great service’, ‘they are a good brand’ or ‘they are my preferred choice’ also requires daily practice. Each day, when you open your doors, pick up the phone or write an email, you have to keep earning that title.


Where are the risks to your business of your title expiring? If you do not like the idea of losing your title or leaving it to chance, what can you do to minimise the risk?


  • Bring service moments into daily meetings, briefings and team conversations.
  • Provide daily feedback on service performance.
  • Frequently praise those who serve people exceptionally well.
  • Role model the service behaviours you ask of your team.


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